Ice Flow 360 -- Pump has wrong cables?

I’m trying to install the Ice Flow 360 in a new build, and have run into a problem. There are two cables from the pump. One is a 3-pin connector, which I think is an RGB cable (Dear Iceberg, please label your diagrams). The other is a 4-pin connector that has one of the pin holes filled.

The problem is that the pump header on my MB (ROG STRIX B650E-F) has all four pins, so I can’t connect to the motherboard. In fact, I can’t find any headers that will connect. Am I missing something?

Curious if you ever figured this out - I am facing the same issue - suspect something silly I am missing, but curious what you found… thanks!

Combination of bad documentation and bad eyesight. The three pin connector is the pump power connector, which connects to three pins on the 4-pin pump header–there are notches on the plug and the header to make sure you use the right three pins. The 4-pin w/ one filled goes on the RGB header.

Appreciate the inputs… Maybe I have an incompatible configuration… Attached photo is of the system board showing the 2 4-pin for fan and pump. Other picture is of the ends from the 340. The one on the left can attach to one of the ports on the board, as it is keyed like you mentioned above. However, the AIO has a pin missing and the port on the board is still 4 pin. Am I missing something or am I looking at an incompatible board? NZXT B650 board - I know you mentioned you had a ROG.

Thanks again - seems we are the only two people who are scratching their heads (well now just me lol)


Is this an N7 B650E?

After looking at the manual and a pic, I think the ARGB headers are on the bottom left side–I think it’s labeled as header 18 in the manual.

Pretty sure I have it figured out - booting and testing… you are correct the bad manual design is the worst part - it implies you connect directly from the heat sink’s power cords to the board vs integrating them with the series from the fans… very weird manual design… but I am pretty sure I have it solved :slight_smile: Thanks of the assist